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Bikepacking the San Rafael Swell—Part Two

Day Three We got an early start as the weather had been warming up through the week. Little shade and direct exposure to the sun, even if only in the 80’s, wears on you. Within an hour we had arrived at the Muddy River (again). The water was cold and refreshing, and the mud deep […]

Bikepacking Kokopelli’s Trail: Part 2

Day 2: Bitter Creek to Entrada Bluffs Luckily the wind died down that night and we all slept pretty well. The sun came up awfully early it seemed, but with those wide open desert spaces, there are no mountains to block the rising sun. The views from the top of this plateau were spectacular, from the […]

Back to Strawberry Narrows

Last August we did an overnight bikepacking trip to the great Strawberry Narrows trail at Strawberry Reservoir. On that trip we had an epic storm with heavy rain and winds. Because of that, we didn’t ride the whole trail, just the first seven miles to the campsite. That report is here: https://fatbikebrigade.com/2014/08/26/strawberry-narrows-an-s24o-trip-on-fatbikes/ This time it […]

Bikepacking in Utah Canyon Country Video

Here is a nice video of bikepacking in the desert. This is a nice time to be down there, not too hot, lots of water around, not too cold with our mild winter. Now just need to find some time to get away. http://bikepackersmagazine.com/bikepacking-fatbikes-utah/

Bikepacking with the Farley

Here are some thoughts by Bullet on bikepacking with the Trek Farley.

Some thoughts on my bikepacking setup

Since my first bikepacking trip a couple weeks ago I have been experimenting with better ways to carry my gear. Two of my sons and I recently did a short trip in the Uinta mountains where I was able to try out some other options. I learned on my last trip that it didn’t really […]