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Frosty Fat Bike Race Series #2 Video

Here is a video of the race at Sundance. It is also posted in the race write-up as well.

Soapstone Basin Rando Preview

Here is a little teaser to get you excited for our ride this Saturday, Dec. 20. We filmed this last week.

DSP grips and Bontrager carbon bar reviews

Bullet reviews new Lizard Skin grips and a Bontrager carbon fiber handlebar for his Trek Farley.

Trek Farley Video Review

A video review by Bullet

2014 Trek Farley in Action

A video by Bullet. Riding at Big Springs on my 2014 Trek Farley with the Professor on his Surly Pugsley. Check out the camera angle. A DIY camera mount on the down tube bottle cage screws.  

Dressing for winter riding

Here is an excellent video on dressing for winter riding. Of course everyone is different and may require different layering options, but this is a pretty thorough overview.

Rolling a Fat One

A video by Bullet Here is a short video of a nice autumn fat bike ride from this past Tuesday morning. It was shot on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail above Orem, UT. The camera was mounted on the new Trek Farley. My Surly Pugsley is out front. We’re new to this kind of videography but […]