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Photoessay: San Rafael Swell bikepacking

My son Finn joined us last month on our bikepacking trip in the San Rafael Swell. He’s a photographer and documented this trip with Tri-x 400 film, developed with d76 1:1 ratio. Lately he has been developing his own film. All photos by Finn Christensen. Enjoy.  

Kokopelli’s Trail Gear

Here is a post for the gear heads. I am no expert bikepacker, but I have been out a few times and know what works for me. I have also been backpacking for around 40 years and over those years have been through a lot of gear. In the past 15 years or so I have […]

Fatbike Makeover

My Pugsley will be three years old this year and the original paint job was in rough shape. In fact, it came from the factory with a lousy paint job. I doubt there was even a clear coat on it. Within days of owning it, I had scratches all the way down to bare metal. […]

Full suspension fatbike

Check out this post of a new full suspension fatbike built for Mike Curiak. Looks pretty amazing.

Nice bikepacking video

Here is a nice video from Mike Curiak. Bikepacking and fly fishing seem to go well together.  

A Return to the Swell: Good Water Canyon Trail

About a year and a half ago, my son Finn and I went down to the Little Grand Canyon area of San Rafael Swell and rode the Good Water Canyon Trail. That trip report is here: Some rides are well worth a return trip. The views are spectacular, the trails excellent, and this time my […]

Kokopelli’s Trail on fatbikes

Here is another nice post of riding fatbikes on Kokopelli’s Trail.

Exploring the Tintic Mountains

In the past couple weeks I have made three trips out to Cedar Valley and the Tintic mountains. I was looking for new places to ride that were off the beaten track. I wanted solitude. I spent some time with my Utah Atlas and Gazetteer looking for lonely dirt roads not too far from home. […]

Fatbiking on the Iditarod Trail

Here is a nice video from Eric Parons at Revelate Designs fatbiking the Iditarod Trail in Alaska. Looks like great fun. Enjoy.

Black Dragon Wash, UT: A Fatbike-packing Overnighter

Sunset in the desert. There’s something magical about it. The red cliffs above us glowed a deep red as the deep blue sky faded into light blues, then grays, and the red rock cliffs glowed darker and deeper until they turned black. We stood on a bluff looking back down into Black Dragon Wash where we […]