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Lone Peak Expedition Seat Pack Review

Recently I spent three days on Kokopelli’s Trail testing out Lone Peak’s new Expedition Seat Pack. Below is a link to it. (I have no affiliation with Lone Peak and paid full price for the pack). I gave a first look review of the pack showing all the details here: Kokopelli’s Trail was a […]

Motobecane Boris X7 Update

Last fall I ordered a Motobecane Boris X7 from Bikes Direct. I did an initial “first impressions” review with the promise of a follow-up review a little later down the road after we had a chance to really put some miles on it and give it an adequate review. Well that time has finally come. […]

Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) Gear Reviews

Here is a quick review by Bullet of some ENO gear. Nothing hardcore, but something to lighten up the camp.

2015 Salsa Bucksaw 1 Test Ride and Review

A review by Bullet. Click on the photos for a larger and better view. We had planned a trip to Moab for a couple days of trail riding which conveniently coincided with the arrival of the new Salsa Bucksaw 1 at Mad Dog Cycles in Orem, Utah.  To say I was excited to give one […]

2015 Salsa Mukluk 2 Test Ride

The other day Mad Dog Cycles in Orem, Utah sent me out the door with one of their fatbike demos, the new Mukluk 2 from Salsa. We only had a day with it so we wanted to pack in some miles. We took it up on the Coyote Canyon loop in Heber and put a […]

Getting your fatbike to the trailhead

Here is a video Bullet did of different options to get your fatbike to the trailhead. He reviews DIY options from $20 to $700 racks. Check it out. He did forget to cover the most basic way, take off the front wheel, cram it in the trunk of your little car and tie down the trunk. […]

The Motobecane Boris X7: Shiny Turd or Deal of the Century?

Shortly after I brought home the Farley I went for a ride with my wife and son. My wife took it out for a quick spin. She returned with that ever so familiar grin everyone seems to have after their first fat bike experience and announced that this was the bike she wanted to ride […]