Monthly Archives: October 2013

Feet and Winter Cycling

A repost and article by the Professor Here is yet another article on keeping your feet warm cycling in Winter. I spend quite a bit of time outdoors in the winter,  ice climbing, back country skiing, snow shoeing, camping, hiking, and so on. I agree with Jill Homer that a soft flexible boot or […]

Touring on a fat bike

A repost by the Professor. Here is an excellent and inspiring post on long distance touring on a Surly Pugsley. Joe Cruz says fat bikes are slower and heavier, but “they’re . . . an invitation to explore, to move a little more deliberately and confidently than one sometimes does, and to never view any part […]

More on keeping warm in the winter

A repost by the Professor. The All Season Cyclist  is currently doing a series of posts on staying warm cycling through the winter. He has articles on a variety of topics, such as keeping your head, feet, and hands warm. He has a great deal of experience winter riding and has probably used more equipment […]

2014 Trek Farley in Action

A video by Bullet. Riding at Big Springs on my 2014 Trek Farley with the Professor on his Surly Pugsley. Check out the camera angle. A DIY camera mount on the down tube bottle cage screws.  

Dressing for winter riding

Here is an excellent video on dressing for winter riding. Of course everyone is different and may require different layering options, but this is a pretty thorough overview.

Revelate Designs Frame Pack: A Review

A Gear Review by the Prof. Revelate Designs ( is an Alaskan-based maker of bike packs. They were one of the first to supply cyclists with packs designed to be used without racks. As most of you know, this rack-less bike touring, often off-road, has come to be called bikepacking. It is difficult for some […]

Autumn Ride up Hobble Creek Left Fork

I’ve run up Hobble Creek left fork, and I’ve skied up it in winter, but I had never ridden up on a bike. It has warmed up here in Utah Valley the past week, and the daytime temperatures have been in the 60’s. The leaves are still turning and it is a beautiful time to […]

Rolling a Fat One

A video by Bullet Here is a short video of a nice autumn fat bike ride from this past Tuesday morning. It was shot on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail above Orem, UT. The camera was mounted on the new Trek Farley. My Surly Pugsley is out front. We’re new to this kind of videography but […]

Fat Bike as your Sole Mountain Bike

A note from the Prof. Here is a link to an excellent blog post on using a fat bike as your only mountain bike. I tend to agree that a fat bike can serve quite honorably as a bike for all seasons.

First Long Fat Ride

A ride report by the Prof. Mt. Timpanogos in the background A couple weeks ago I went on my first long ride on my Puglsey. I was in an exploratory mood. I often will take off (either trail running, hiking, or on a mountain bike), and follow a trail or what hints at a trail […]