Monthly Archives: February 2014

The Perfect Snow

Today Bullet and I rode the perfect groomed snow. In fact, it was the first time this season we have ridden on a real groomed trail with that nice, firm grooved surface. Last week I rode very difficult, sloppy, wet, deep snow, and this week was the exact opposite. It was firm, fast, and so […]

Revelate Designs Handlebar Pocket

A review by the Professor Shortly after getting my fatbike (Surly Pugsley) I began to think about bikepacking. I have been backpacking since I was 11 years old and combining that with bikes is quite appealing to me. I looked around at all the options for carrying things on your handlebars and began experimenting. I […]

A Ride up the Mirror Lake Highway

It’s only two weeks until the 60K race I am riding up in Island Park, ID. I needed to get out for a long ride in the snow today. The problem is that we have received so much snow in the past 10 days that the avalanche hazard is extreme just about everywhere. And you […]

Mike Curiak’s 2013 Iditatour

Okay, I may be a Mike Curiak fanboy. Here is a series of posts he recently did on his 2013 tour of the Iditarod Trail, which he calls the Iditatour. This series covers the first 350 miles, from Knik to McGrath which is the distance of the shorter race (the longer race going all the […]

Good Arrowhead 135 Race Report

A repost by the Professor. This is a well written, entertaining report of the Arrowhead 135. Why do we love to read about suffering?

Fatbike Touring in Alaska

A repost by the Professor. Here is another excellent blog post on fat bike touring in Alaska on the Iditarod Trail from Knik to McGrath. It is in two parts. Enjoy.

My Winter Riding Gear

An article by the Professor. Riding in the winter requires a bit more gear than in the summer. I have quite a bit of experience cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and winter camping. Whenever I head out into the mountains in winter, there are a few things that I always take with me, just in case. […]

1,100 Miles by Fatbike

A repost by the Professor. If you can’t ride, then you do the next best thing—read about riding. Or in this case, watch videos about riding. This three video series is about Mike Curiak’s unsupported 1,100 mile ride along the Iditarod Trail from Knik to Nome, Alaska. Usually one will stop at the various villages […]


A ride report by the Professor. It’s been raining in the valleys for the past two days. That means wet, heavy snow in the mountains. As of this morning the Provo mountains had received 16″ of new snow. So, what were we thinking? We drove up to the Pine Hollow trailhead up the Alpine Loop. […]

More Alaska Beach Riding

A  repost by the Professor. This is a good one too. It seems very liberating riding without a trail.