Monthly Archives: September 2014

Fatbiking at Chicken Creek, UT

Last week Doc and his old childhood friend Daryn and I, took a short trip up to Chicken Creek, just east of Levan, UT. I had read about this area in an off-roading guidebook to Utah.  It described a 14 mile forest service road between Levan and Wales crossing the San Pitch Mountain Range. With several side […]

Nice fatbike video

This is a nice video that shows the versatility of a fatbike. Gary Buckham at Pugsley on Patrol always has nice videos. Enjoy.

Early Autumn on the Coyote Canyon Trail

Bullet and I snuck away from work a bit early last Thursday and went for a nice fat bike ride. We rode the fantastic Coyote Canyon Trail up in Heber Valley. We started at the trailhead right next to the highway heading up to Jordanelle Dam and rode the loop counter-clockwise. At the time it seemed […]

Gary Fisher talks about fat bikes

Cool interview from the guys at with Gary Fisher. If you don’t know who Gary Fisher is, go back to bed.

Avalanche of new fat bikes

I have been following the posts over at and there are lots of new fat bikes, fat tires, and other fat related gear coming out this fall. Check out this post, but also look around at and watch all the cool videos introducing all the new fat bikes.

The Motobecane Boris X7: Shiny Turd or Deal of the Century?

Shortly after I brought home the Farley I went for a ride with my wife and son. My wife took it out for a quick spin. She returned with that ever so familiar grin everyone seems to have after their first fat bike experience and announced that this was the bike she wanted to ride […]

The New Trek Farleys

The new 2015 Farley’s are now out. The entry model, the Farley 6 retails for $1869, which is more in line with other manufacturers, like the Surley Pugsley and the Salsa Mukluk. These fatbikes also have the new Bontrager tires. That’s probably a one reason they were able to bring the prices down. The Farley 8 […]

New Panaracer fatbike tires

If you missed the press release of this, check out the initial review of Panaracer’s first fatbike tire, the Fat B Nimble. Looks promising. It’s nice to see more (and cheaper) fat tire options out there. I think the Fat B Nimble is now available.

Bikepacking with the Farley

Here are some thoughts by Bullet on bikepacking with the Trek Farley.