The New Trek Farleys

The new 2015 Farley’s are now out. The entry model, the Farley 6 retails for $1869, which is more in line with other manufacturers, like the Surley Pugsley and the Salsa Mukluk. These fatbikes also have the new Bontrager tires. That’s probably a one reason they were able to bring the prices down. The Farley 8 sports the new Rockshox Bluto fork and Bontrager’s new rims.

One comment

  1. Had a bike ordered – Trek Farley 8 XL – was just told by Canadian Distribution Ctr that it was shipping third week of October 2014! Just found out from my bike store that no XLs were shipped and they won’t be shipped until March 2015…wth Winter’s almost over in Canada – TREK=FAIL

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