Monthly Archives: November 2014

The Fatbike Brigade Winter Randonnee Series

We are organizing a series of fatbike adventure rides to begin in December. While we are not opposed to racing, we think it more fun to go out for a long group ride, with finishing as the goal. Randonee’s, also called Brevet’s, have been popular in Europe for a long time. Randonneurs USA is an organization […]

Bontrager Jackalope TLR fat rims

Mike Curiak has some pretty nice things to say about the new Bontrager fat rims. Check it out on his blog:

First Snow of the Season

Outside of a few years of ice climbing I’ve never been much for winter sports. Perhaps growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area played into that a bit. So finding myself anxious for the snow this year was unusual. We have had the warmest fall I can remember in my more than 20 years […]

2015 Salsa Mukluk 2 Test Ride

The other day Mad Dog Cycles in Orem, Utah sent me out the door with one of their fatbike demos, the new Mukluk 2 from Salsa. We only had a day with it so we wanted to pack in some miles. We took it up on the Coyote Canyon loop in Heber and put a […]

Getting your fatbike to the trailhead

Here is a video Bullet did of different options to get your fatbike to the trailhead. He reviews DIY options from $20 to $700 racks. Check it out. He did forget to cover the most basic way, take off the front wheel, cram it in the trunk of your little car and tie down the trunk. […]