The Fat Bike Brigade consists of three brothers, originally from Northern California, and now all living along the Wasatch Front in Utah. Specifically we are a businessman, a doctor, and a professor, which means we have real jobs and ride just for fun, recreation, and health. Though we are new to fat bikes, we are passionate about cycling and have been riding for most of our lives. Our interests and experience with bikes varies and includes mountain biking, road cycling, commuting, long distance touring, and fat biking. We hope to add bikepacking to our resumes in the near future. Our stables of bikes include full suspension mountain bikes, hardtails, old rigid mountain bikes, touring bikes, road racing bikes, cargo bikes, beach cruisers, hybrid commuters, tandems, and even a three-wheeled canopy rickshaw bike.

Though we are far from being cycling pros, we do have a lot of cycling experience, as well as other outdoor experience (backpacking and climbing). We’ve ridden centuries, ran marathons and ultra-marathons, on the road and trails, and subjected ourselves to other endurance silliness.

As we explore the world of fatbiking we hope to share our experiences with the gear we use, report on our rides and trips, offer tips and suggestions, share videos, resources, and other blogs and websites. We welcome your comments.

Feel free to contact us at:


Bullet rides a 2014 Trek Farley in a size small.



Doc (aka Otter-boy) rides a 2014 Salsa Mukluk in a size small.

Doc (aka Otter-boy)

Doc (aka Otter-boy)

The Professor rides a 2014 Surly Pugsley in a size medium.

The Professor

The Professor


The Fat Bike Brigade-Autumn

The Fat Bike Brigade

The Fat Bike Brigade-Winter


  1. I want to join the Brigade!! I am a Phatt Biker here in Az and I ride winter break and summer break in Park City. I have a 2013 Mutluk size 17. I can send you a pick.

  2. We’re flattered, but there really isn’t much to join. But we would love to ride with you the next time you are in Utah. We have lots of great trails. Keep in touch.

  3. Chris Stuart · · Reply

    Hey guys thanks for all the work you guys did this year at the Frosty Fat Bike Series.

  4. jim benning · · Reply

    Coming to park city next week. Worth bringing my fatty, is there any snow to ride?

  5. Not much snow unless you get really high up. I would probably not bother.

  6. Eric Geaslin · · Reply

    Hey Dudes
    My names is Rocky and I live in PC. Got a fatbike this winter and all my packs. Let me know when you guys do another overnighter, I’d love to tag along.

    1. Sure thing Rocky.

  7. Brant Graham · · Reply

    Jason….I think…is that you Bullet?
    This is Brant, I used to work with you as your rep when you were at Monarch.
    Anyway, I really liked your Salsa Bucksaw review video. I’m trying to jump into the fat bike world. I currently ride mntn and road bikes…I need to make the fat plunge. I’m really considering a Salsa Beargrease.
    How are you? I still remember the reindeer story that you told me concerning your kids, Christmas and your dog…way too funny! I really hope it’s you…now that I told you all that!

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