Monthly Archives: August 2014

Quick and easy tubeless set up for a fat bike

An article by Bullet. I’ve been wanting to convert the Farley to tubeless for a long time now but wasn’t confident that the process was going to be as easy and reliable as I wanted. I like to over complicate things and feel like a simple solution is generally the best. As it turns out […]

Custom Titanium Fat Bike

Mike Curiak has the coolest bikes, really. Remember that awesome titanium Moots that he sold awhile back? Well, I guess he had to have another fat bike, but of course a run of the mill, off the rack bike doesn’t cut it for a bike wizard like Curiak. This one’s another beauty. Check it out. […]

Schwalbe introduces a fat bike tire

It’s nice to see more and more fat bike tire options. Hopefully this will drive the price down and the quality up.

Strawberry Narrows—an S24O trip on fatbikes

I had never spent much time at Strawberry Reservoir, except driving by on several occasions. My impression was not great as all you see from the highway (40) is a big body of water surrounded by a lot of nothing, except sagebrush. Bullet, Doc, and I were pleasantly surprised to find this wonderful place to […]

New Specialized Fatboy’s announced

Here is what is coming from Specialized.

Fat Biking Bolivia’s Altiplano

Here is another nice post about fatbiking Bolivia’s famous Altiplano. Seems like a fat bike is the perfect weapon for this kind of riding. This is from Cass Gilbert’s blog—one of those famous world bike travelers, often a fat bike.

Fat Bike South Africa

Here is a nice post about fatbiking in South Africa. Joe Cruz is passionate about fat bikes being the ultimate expedition ride.