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Fat Bike Summit 2014: The Activities

An article by the Professor. The biggest event of the summit was the fat bike races. There was an advanced/elite category which did four laps on the course and was about 13 miles, and a beginner category that did three laps. The course was fairly challenging as we have had warm weather for the past […]

Fat Bike Summit 2014: The Bikes

An article by the Professor. The 3rd Annual Fat Bike Summit was held in Ogden, Utah on January 24-25, 2014. Bullet and I went up on Saturday to check it out. I’ve never seen so many fat bikes in one place at the same time. I think there were about 150 people racing, and add […]

Revelate Designs handlebar bag solutions

A repost by The Professor As I contemplate gearing up for bikepacking, I am looking at lots of different options. I came across this excellent blog and this comparison of the Revelate Designs Sweetroll and the Harness. I have a Revelate Designs Front Pocket that seems  to work well without the Harness. I have […]

Another Fat Bike Race Report

A repost by The Professor. This one comes from Northern Wisconsin, the Tuscobia Winter Ultra. In this report George Kapitz describes racing the 35 mile category.

A Fat Bike Race Report

A repost by the Professor. I have been following the cycling adventures of a young couple for the past year or so. They basically work for six months, then spend the rest of the year cycling. They recently completed a ride from Grand Junction, CO to Tuscon, AZ, mostly on dirt. They are now in […]

Interview with Joe Cruz, adventure cyclist

A repost by the Professor. Here is a nice interview with Joe Cruz, a guy who has done some pretty amazing exploring by bike, most recently on a fat bike in South America. He is the author of the excellent blog Pedaling in Place (link under our blogroll).

Gearing up with the Trek Farley

An article and review by Bullet I’ve begun outfitting the Farley for bikepacking and longer winter rides where I like to have a few extras just in case the weather turns, or I end up out longer than anticipated. As I mentioned in my review of the Farley, I had some concerns with the lack […]