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Rolling a Fat One

A video by Bullet Here is a short video of a nice autumn fat bike ride from this past Tuesday morning. It was shot on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail above Orem, UT. The camera was mounted on the new Trek Farley. My Surly Pugsley is out front. We’re new to this kind of videography but […]

Fat Bike as your Sole Mountain Bike

A note from the Prof. Here is a link to an excellent blog post on using a fat bike as your only mountain bike. I tend to agree that a fat bike can serve quite honorably as a bike for all seasons.

First Long Fat Ride

A ride report by the Prof. Mt. Timpanogos in the background A couple weeks ago I went on my first long ride on my Puglsey. I was in an exploratory mood. I often will take off (either trail running, hiking, or on a mountain bike), and follow a trail or what hints at a trail […]

Personalizing and Modifying your Fat Bike

An article by the Prof. One of the fun things about getting a new bike is personalizing and modifying it. Ideally, we would all start with a frame and build it up exactly like we want. But in reality, most of us start with a stock fully built-up bike. But that doesn’t mean we have […]

2014 Trek Farley—First Impressions

A review by Bullet Photos courtesy of Zoe Christensen I always cringe when reading or watching a product review when the reviewer starts with something like “I just got this in the mail today and it is awesome”. Really? How could you possibly know that? You haven’t even begun to test the product at that […]

Stay Tuned

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