Touring on a fat bike

A repost by the Professor.

Here is an excellent and inspiring post on long distance touring on a Surly Pugsley. Joe Cruz says fat bikes are slower and heavier, but “they’re . . . an invitation to explore, to move a little more deliberately and confidently than one sometimes does, and to never view any part of the map as regretfully off limits because you’re on the wrong machine.” I wholeheartedly agree. Since riding a fat bike, it is more about exploring and seeing than riding fast. Check out his post about touring in Alaska here:

He follows up this post with his thoughts after two months touring in South America, again on his Pugsley. He feels that a fat bike  is the perfect, ideal, touring bike, period. He said this, “On maps of the countries I’m visiting if the line is thick, I avoid it. If locals say there’s a track or trekking trail to where I’m going, I favor that. If a route is described as muddy rocky broken sandy river crossing tough going, you’ve got my attention.” Check his post here:


  1. Fat Bikes are slower than other bikes — until the terrain turns to mud, sand or snow, then they are speed demons compared to other bikes.

  2. Question.. I’m considering a fat bike. The only issue is that bus bike racks are not designed for that thick of tire. Would anyone feel comfortable riding 60 miles a day on one?

  3. Buddy John · · Reply

    I like Turtles…

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