Trek Farley Video Review

A video review by Bullet


  1. Great review of the Farley! I saw one being assembled at the local bike shop — I love the green rim strips you added (Trek should have done that to begin with). Also, great on-bike video — you have a lot more terrain selection than I do (northern Illinois is rather flat and boring).

  2. We are very fortunate to live in an area with so much good and diverse trails.

  3. Great review. My girlfriend bought the 17″ at mad Dog and loves it. We’ve ridden on Lost Prospector and Mid Mtn in Park City so far. The only update she did was throw on a carbon bar that took a bit of the bite off the stiff front end. Let’s ride soon. Scott

  4. I never thought about running a carbon bar. Makes good sense. Which one did you guys go with? I think I’ll give that a try in the spring. We’ll have to get together for a ride one of these days.

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