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World Fat Bike Summit 2015: Jackson, WY

The three of us brothers took a road trip up to Jackson, Wyoming this past weekend for the Fat Bike Summit. It’s a five hour drive from where we live in Utah. We had a great weekend riding, drooling over the latest and greatest fatbikes, chatting with fellow fatbikers, and eating too much. We arrived […]

Frosty Fat Bike Race #2: Sundance night race

The second race in the Frosty Fat Bike Race Series was a night race at the Sundance ski resort Nordic Center. This is an area of groomed¬†cross country ski trails just two miles up the road from the downhill resort. They allow fat bikes on the trails, as long as you have a trail pass. […]

Cold Weather Riding Tips

Here is a short article by Jay Petervary on cold weather riding tips. Nice and succinct from someone who really knows.

JayP’s Backyard Fat Pursuit Race Report

Here is a nice report from the second place finisher, Neil Beltchenko, in the 200K race.

Bikepacking canyon country, in Winter, on fatbikes

A nice post from Mike Curiak’s blog. Who says you can’t ride slickrock in Winter, or bikepack in Winter as well. These are the kinds of photos that really motivate you to get out there and explore, no matter the season or conditions.

Frosty’s Fat Bike Race Series #1: Nordic Valley

The Frosty’s Fat Bike Race Series started last year as a competitive race series for fatbikes organized by Mad Dog Cycles in Orem, Ut. This year there are six races, two of which are night races. The first event of the season was on a groomed track at Nordic Valley ski resort in Eden, UT. […]

Bikepacking Kokopelli’s Trail on Fatbikes

This is a great photo essay of ten guys on fatbikes riding Kokopelli’s trail and around Moab for ten days. Stunning photography.

Bikepacking in Iceland trip report

Here is a nice short trip report of a fatbike bikepacking trip in Iceland. (Drool).

Bikepacking Tips

Here are some nice posts of bikepacking tips for backcountry travel. They come from the excellent blog, Pedaling Nowhere, which is in our Blogroll.

Bontrager Jackalope TLR fat rims

Mike Curiak has some pretty nice things to say about the new Bontrager fat rims. Check it out on his blog: