Available Fat Bike Tires

A repost by the Professor.

I came across this list of available fat bike tires on the mtbr fat bike forum. The options are getting better. It will be even better when the big boys like Trek/Bontrager and Specialized offer fat tires. I wonder if other MTB tire manufacturers will offer fat tires in the future, like Continental, Schwalbe, etc.



  1. That’s a pretty extensive list; and covered them all.
    I guess I’d have to say let the big boys enter….. That way the prices may drop by however many dollars.
    With that said, it’d have to be a pretty special tire for me to dropped the ultra light H.D. For my riding….. I’ll be hard pressed to ever switch to another Fat tire!
    I don’t care about what works for so and so, or what terrain. I’m not trying to say the H.D. is the tire for everyone or all conditions. BUT it’s what works for me, and that’s all that really matters anyway.

  2. I agree. Most of us can’t afford to have multiple tires for different riding conditions. And most recreational riders also probably wouldn’t notice a whole lot of difference between a 27 tpi and a 120 tpi tire. At least not enough to justify the extra expense.

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