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Fat-bikepacking with a small frame bike

Here is an excellent article and video on bikepacking with a small frame bike. Dig around on the this excellent website/blog as there are lots of great articles. http://adventuremonkey.com/blog/bikepacking-gear-setup-small-frame-fatbike

First fat bikepacking trip—Strawberry Peak

I’ve been wanting to take a bikepacking trip for quite awhile now, so with nothing too pressing on my schedule I decided to go for it. I couldn’t get any of the boys to go with me, and it was probably a good thing as it turned into a very difficult ride.  I’m not the […]

Fat bikepacking in the Andeas

This is a nice blog, with good photography by a traveling fat bike aficionado. This post is about a trip he is currently doing in the Andeas. http://www.bikegreaseandcoffee.com/2014/03/beans-and-gravel-comentary-coming-soon.html And this post lists the gear he uses and how he packs it on his fat bike. http://www.bikegreaseandcoffee.com/2014/02/impedimenta-im-ped-uh-men-tuh-1-baggage.html Can you tell I’m really itching to get out […]