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Photoessay: San Rafael Swell bikepacking

My son Finn joined us last month on our bikepacking trip in the San Rafael Swell. He’s a photographer and documented this trip with Tri-x 400 film, developed with d76 1:1 ratio. Lately he has been developing his own film. All photos by Finn Christensen. Enjoy.  

First look: Lone Peak Expedition Seat Pack

I have been using Lone Peak panniers for years now for road touring. In fact, between my kids and I, we have four sets. They are well made, durable, are made entirely in the U.S.A., and after years of use are hardly worn at all. So, when I saw that Lone Peak was making a […]

Fat-bikepacking with a small frame bike

Here is an excellent article and video on bikepacking with a small frame bike. Dig around on the this excellent website/blog as there are lots of great articles. http://adventuremonkey.com/blog/bikepacking-gear-setup-small-frame-fatbike

Bikepacking Tips

Here are some nice posts of bikepacking tips for backcountry travel. They come from the excellent blog, Pedaling Nowhere, which is in our Blogroll. http://www.pedalingnowhere.com/plog/42-bikepacking-tips-part1/ http://www.pedalingnowhere.com/plog/42-bikepacking-tips-2/

Some thoughts on my bikepacking setup

Since my first bikepacking trip a couple weeks ago I have been experimenting with better ways to carry my gear. Two of my sons and I recently did a short trip in the Uinta mountains where I was able to try out some other options. I learned on my last trip that it didn’t really […]

Revelate Designs Handlebar Pocket

A review by the Professor Shortly after getting my fatbike (Surly Pugsley) I began to think about bikepacking. I have been backpacking since I was 11 years old and combining that with bikes is quite appealing to me. I looked around at all the options for carrying things on your handlebars and began experimenting. I […]

Revelate Designs handlebar bag solutions

A repost by The Professor As I contemplate gearing up for bikepacking, I am looking at lots of different options. I came across this excellent blog and this comparison of the Revelate Designs Sweetroll and the Harness. http://www.pedalingnowhere.com/gear/revelate-handlebar-bag-shootout-harness-vs-sweet-roll/ I have a Revelate Designs Front Pocket that seems  to work well without the Harness. I have […]

Just get out and ride

Many of us are afraid  or reluctant to pursue doing things that we would really like to do. Sometimes we are held back by our jobs,  family responsibilities, finances, or just fear of the unknown. Sometimes we feel like we can’t do something because we don’t have the right equipment. Most of us will probably […]