Bikepacking in Moab

Another nice post on bikepacking on fatbikes in the desert around Moab. With our pathetic Winter here in Northern Utah, I’ve been thinking more and more about heading south and riding in the desert. Last night I went for a ride up on the Alpine Loop above Sundance ski resort. Lots of pavement at the beginning, which gave way to terrible snow conditions—soft, crusty, punchy snow, unrideable in places. It was like late spring conditions. Time to plan a trip down south, something like this:


  1. for the serious bike packer, consider which will carry 4 bicycles during the daily motorcoach service between Salt Lake City, Utah airport and Greyhound Bus station and southeastern Utah — Moab and Blanding. Ride down south and make your way back over the dirt trails back north. for map recommendations.

    1. Thanks for this information. That would be a really good way to do it.

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