Group Fatbike ride Saturday, November 1st

Come burn off your Halloween candy bulge and ride with us on November 1st. We are planning to ride the Coyote Canyon Loop up in Heber Valley. If you haven’t done this, it really is a great ride, about 20 miles of great singletrack. It’s about a 3-4 hour ride depending on how fast you are, so pack some snacks and plenty of water (nowhere to fill up along the way).

We’ll meet at my house at 8:00 am to car pool up, or you can meet us at the Riverview Trailhead at about 8:40 am. Email us for my address at I’m in Northeast Provo. Hope you can join us, even if you’re riding a skinny-tired mountain bike.

Here is a good description of the ride:


  1. We live in heber and are hoping to make it.Can you let me know when you head out so we can meet you. My number is 435.640.0925.

  2. Sure thing. I’ll call you in the morning when we leave.

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