Fatbiking in Western Colorado

A repost by the Professor.

Mike Curiak is a legendary endurance cyclist. He’s also an excellent photographer, writer, and wheel builder. He’s done some pretty amazing stuff, like winning the first 1,100 mile bike race on the Iditarod Trail, and started the Great Divide race as a time trial back in 2003. He later did that same 1,100 mile trail completely unsupported, that is carried all his gear AND food for the entire trip. Unbelievable. And remember that totally tricked out titanium Moots fatbike that recently sold to Jill Homer? That was his. Here is an interview he did recently.


He maintains a fabulous blog that I highly recommend. It deals with cycling, white water kayakying, and all sorts of other adventures. Here is a recent post about fatbiking in the mountains of Colorado. Since he is based in Grand Junction, I assume it is in that area. He really is an exceptional photographer, so at least enjoy the photos.


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