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Bikepacking Kokopelli’s Trail: Part 1

We had been thinking about Kokopelli’s all winter, after all it’s practically in our backyard, and is supposed to be an epic mountain bike route through spectacular scenery. We rode regularly through the winter, with many trips up to the groomed trails in American Fork Canyon. Spring wasn’t quite as productive with all the rain […]

World Fat Bike Summit 2015: Jackson, WY

The three of us brothers took a road trip up to Jackson, Wyoming this past weekend for the Fat Bike Summit. It’s a five hour drive from where we live in Utah. We had a great weekend riding, drooling over the latest and greatest fatbikes, chatting with fellow fatbikers, and eating too much. We arrived […]

Strawberry Narrows—an S24O trip on fatbikes

I had never spent much time at Strawberry Reservoir, except driving by on several occasions. My impression was not great as all you see from the highway (40) is a big body of water surrounded by a lot of nothing, except sagebrush. Bullet, Doc, and I were pleasantly surprised to find this wonderful place to […]

Winter bikepacking in Alaska: A Photo essay

Here is a nice photo essay by Glenn Charles. He did a two month bikepacking trip in Alaska in Winter on his Salsa Mukluk. Beautiful photography. http://stories.glenncharles.pro/winter-bikepacking#_

Fat Bike Summit 2014: The Bikes

An article by the Professor. The 3rd Annual Fat Bike Summit was held in Ogden, Utah on January 24-25, 2014. Bullet and I went up on Saturday to check it out. I’ve never seen so many fat bikes in one place at the same time. I think there were about 150 people racing, and add […]

The Trail to True Grit

A ride report by Bullet. A few months back I had the wild notion that I should do a 50-mile mountain bike race. Now that may not be such a wild notion for many. Let me put it into perspective for you. A few years ago I found that I had been swallowed up by “life” […]

Bennie Creek Cut-off Trail– Payson Canyon

A ride report by the Doc. Barreling down the mountainside on the Bennie Creek Cut-Off Trail is such a fun romp that I figured it would fit into my already overbooked Saturday schedule. One of the things I enjoy most about my new Fat Bike is that almost by design, I ain’t going to win […]