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Lone Peak Expedition Seat Pack Review

Recently I spent three days on Kokopelli’s Trail testing out Lone Peak’s new Expedition Seat Pack. Below┬áis a link to it. (I have no affiliation with Lone Peak and paid full price for the pack). http://lonepeakpacks.com/shop/index.php/packs/seatpacks/st800.html I gave a first look review of the pack showing all the details here: https://fatbikebrigade.com/2016/05/04/first-look-lone-peak-expedition-seat-pack/ Kokopelli’s Trail was a […]

Bikepacking Kokopelli’s Trail: Part 1

We had been thinking about Kokopelli’s all winter, after all it’s practically in our backyard, and is supposed to be an epic mountain bike route through spectacular scenery. We rode regularly through the winter, with many trips up to the groomed trails in American Fork Canyon. Spring wasn’t quite as productive with all the rain […]

First look: Lone Peak Expedition Seat Pack

I have been using Lone Peak panniers for years now for road touring. In fact, between my kids and I, we have four sets. They are well made, durable, are made entirely in the U.S.A., and after years of use are hardly worn at all. So, when I saw that Lone Peak was making a […]

Kokopelli’s Trail on fatbikes

Here is another nice post of riding fatbikes on Kokopelli’s Trail. http://expeditionportal.com/bikepacking-the-kokopelli-trail/

Bikepacking Kokopelli’s Trail on Fatbikes

This is a great photo essay of ten guys on fatbikes riding Kokopelli’s trail and around Moab for ten days. Stunning photography. http://stories.glenncharles.pro/desert-ramble