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JayP’s Backyard Fat Pursuit Race Report

Here is a nice, well-written report of the 200K race by Christopher Tassava. Regular readers of this blog may remember that we posted his race report last year in the inaugural event, where he DNF’d. Nice job this year Christopher. http://salsacycles.com/culture/fat_pursued_a_flatlander_returns_to_the_fat_pursuit

Flatlander at the Fat Pursuit

This is a nice three part post by Christopher Tassava of Minnesota of the Fat Pursuit 200K fat bike race. He was the 7th place finisher at the Arrowhead 135 earlier this year and rode a great race in Idaho. http://salsacycles.com/culture/a_flatlander_takes_on_jayps_backyard_fat_pursuit_part_one http://salsacycles.com/culture/flatlander_at_the_fat_pursuit_part_two http://salsacycles.com/culture/flatlander_at_the_fat_pursuit_part_three

Bill Martin’s Fat Pursuit 200K Race Report

Here is a nice report of the 200K Fat Pursuit race. It is in four parts. Below is the link to part one; follow the links on his blog for the rest. He was the fifth place finisher. And I thought the 60K was pretty tough. http://williammartin.com/2014/03/06/jayp-backyard-fat-pursuit-part-1/