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Bill Martin’s Fat Pursuit 200K Race Report

Here is a nice report of the 200K Fat Pursuit race. It is in four parts. Below is the link to part one; follow the links on his blog for the rest. He was the fifth place finisher. And I thought the 60K was pretty tough. http://williammartin.com/2014/03/06/jayp-backyard-fat-pursuit-part-1/

Fat Pursuit 60K Race Report: The view from the back

Spoiler alert: I didn’t win. But I didn’t get last place either. Don’t trust the weather report. I’ve been monitoring the weather in Island Park for the past week. Most all the reports call for high twenties and low thirties with some snow. I’m expecting warm slushy conditions. I’m staying with a friend in Rexburg, […]

Fat Bike Summit 2014: The Activities

An article by the Professor. The biggest event of the summit was the fat bike races. There was an advanced/elite category which did four laps on the course and was about 13 miles, and a beginner category that did three laps. The course was fairly challenging as we have had warm weather for the past […]

Another Fat Bike Race Report

A repost by The Professor. This one comes from Northern Wisconsin, the Tuscobia Winter Ultra. In this report George Kapitz describes racing the 35 mile category. http://fat-bike.com/2013/12/georges-tuscobia-race-report/