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Kokopelli’s Trail Gear

Here is a post for the gear heads. I am no expert bikepacker, but I have been out a few times and know what works for me. I have also been backpacking for around 40 years and over those years have been through a lot of gear. In the past 15 years or so I have […]

Revelate Designs Handlebar Pocket

A review by the Professor Shortly after getting my fatbike (Surly Pugsley) I began to think about bikepacking. I have been backpacking since I was 11 years old and combining that with bikes is quite appealing to me. I looked around at all the options for carrying things on your handlebars and began experimenting. I […]

Revelate Designs handlebar bag solutions

A repost by The Professor As I contemplate gearing up for bikepacking, I am looking at lots of different options. I came across this excellent blog and this comparison of the Revelate Designs Sweetroll and the Harness. http://www.pedalingnowhere.com/gear/revelate-handlebar-bag-shootout-harness-vs-sweet-roll/ I have a Revelate Designs Front Pocket that seems  to work well without the Harness. I have […]

Gearing up with the Trek Farley

An article and review by Bullet I’ve begun outfitting the Farley for bikepacking and longer winter rides where I like to have a few extras just in case the weather turns, or I end up out longer than anticipated. As I mentioned in my review of the Farley, I had some concerns with the lack […]